How to Kick the Clutter Out

During the summer, clutter seems to pop up like dandelions around the house. With children home all day everyday, managing organization is a must. Here are a few tips and tricks to keep your home clutter free.

Customized Organization System: Without a specific organization system in place it can be difficult to keep clutter under control. A family needs a system that is created with them in mind. If an organization system is too complicated it won’t be followed. Keep things simple and easy with labels and a plan that each member of the family can understand.

Designated Drop Zones: Take a look at every place that has become an undesignated drop zone in the home. These are spots that are easy to place things. For example, many children will come home and leave their book bag and shoes by the door. By placing a designated drop zone near the door, a child doesn’t have to break a habit and the home continues to stay clutter free.

Summer Storage: With summer comes pool toys, bikes, camping gear, and boat equipment. The key is to find a spot for each item that is easy to access. First, lie out all the summer items and decide what gets used most often. Store these items at eye level.

Then, take a look at those items that get used multiple times during the summer, but not everyday.  These items should be placed higher up, so they are out of the way, but still in easy access. When items are placed in easy access range, they have a higher probability of being put away, keeping your home clutter free.

Paper Organizers: Counter tops, desks, and tables can often become cluttered with mail, bills, lists, and important documents. Creating a paper organizer will keep the clutter away. Clearly label each slot, so there is no confusion about where a paper should go.

Now Not Later: After using an item or creating a mess, clean it up now not later. Pushing cleaning to the end of the day creates an even bigger mess to clean up. When we feel like there is a large mess we normally continue to push it off, until our home is completely out of control. Save time and energy by cleaning up messes and putting items away now.

Create a smooth summer for everyone in the home by kicking clutter out and embracing the excitement the new season has to bring!

MonkeyBar Storage Solutions is a Garage Storage and Organization Company based in Omaha Nebraska; providing solutions and tips to help homeowners with garage and home organization.

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